My dad's family

My grandpa

Donald Harley Wymore

My grandma

Lillian Maurine Brobst

His father, my great-grandpa

Harley Wymore

A Nebraska pioneer, he traveled across the state by covered wagon as a youth. Before he died, he would see man walk on the moon.

His mother, my great-grandma

Hannah Fredericka Jensen

Born in Denmark, she came to America as a young girl, with her mother and sisters.

Her father, my great-grandpa

below was taken on his 80th birthday

Andrew John "Andy" Brobst

Her mother, my great-grandma

Pearl Elizabeth Dey

Harley's parents, my great-great grandparents

Linville Harper Wymore and Susa Melinda Sharp

Hannah's mother, my great-great grandmother

We don't have a picture of her husband. He died in Denmark. His name was Morten Jensen.

Dorthe Sophie Nielsen Jensen

Andy's parents, my great-great grandparents

Daniel B. Brobst

Elizabeth Yetter Miller

Pearl's parents, my great-great grandparents

John Baird Dey

Sarah Jane Hall


Pearl Dey's grandparents, my great-great-great grandparents!


John Baird Dey's father

Lewis Dey

John Baird Dey's mother

Mary "Polly" Valentine

Sarah Hall's father

Nathan Hall

My Mom's family

My great-grandfather, my grandpa's father

John Dittmer

My great-grandmother, my grandpa's mother

Ferne Brown

My great-grandfather, my grandma's father

John Leavitt Howe

My great-grandmother, my grandma's mother

Adah Florence Smith

His parents, my great-great grandparents

Claus Joachim Dittmer

Elizabeth Blumer

With her parents, my great-great grandparents

Wimer Brown and Mary Parr

His father, my great-great grandfather

Lewis Spofford Howe